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If you're looking to bring out the best in you, you've found the right place. At Champions Taekwon-Do, we believe that the warrior spirit is about transforming your body and mind into a place of physical and mental strength together with a winning mindset, both at the Taekwon-Do Center and in life. When you put your heart into self defense, you will find all of this—and so much more.


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My wife and I put our son in Taekwondo classes when he was 6 and a half after he was getting pushed around on the playground at school. We wanted a self defense class that would provide not just skills but a moral code for their use. Our Son has progressed to Red belt has never needed to use his skills and has the confidence that comes from the knowledge that he can look after himself if need be . A year after he started I began my own journey in TKD as a means to staying fit and having fun Master Hiltz has taught us both to enjoy TKD and to have fun doing it.
I highly recommend Master Hiltz and his team at Champions Taekwondo 


Bruce Keith

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